Prayer Guide for June

This prayer guide is designed to lead us in unified prayer for our families, our church, our community, and nation. The daily passages are related to forthcoming Sunday morning messages.


Week One

June 4 – Romans 1-3.  Pray that we as individuals and as a church will be prepared for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully in our small group studies and the worship service.


June 5 – Acts 5.  Pray that the fear of God will rest upon our church and our community.


June 6 – Act 6.  Pray that God would lead our Pastor Search Team to the man God has for Greenwell Springs.  


June 7 – Acts 7:1-30.  Thank God for His faithfulness to us.


June 8 – Acts 7:30-60.  Pray that we, as individuals and as a church will be faithful to proclaim the truth.


June 9 – Romans 4.  Thank God for His Grace.


June 10 – Romans 5.  Thank God that by faith we have been justified and therefore have peace with God.


Week Two


June 11 – Romans 4-5.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would move in our midst today in a powerful way.  Also, pray for our country and our leaders that God would lead them.


June 12 – Acts 8. Pray that we would see the challenges that we face as opportunities for God to work in us and through us.


June 13 – Acts 9.  Thank God for the transformative power of the gospel.


June 14 – Acts 10.  Thank God that the gospel is for ALL people.


June 15 – Acts 11.  Ask God to make us like the Apostles in accepting the work of the Holy Spirit.


June 16 – Romans 6.  Thank God for the fact that as we repent of our sins and by faith trust Jesus as our Savior, we can say good bye to our “old man” and live dead to sin.


June 17 – Romans 7.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would give us the boldness and courage to share the word of God with those around us so that they might come to know the love of God.


Week three

June 18 – Romans 6-7.  Pray that God would open the spiritual eyes of those who do not know Him this morning in both the small group discussions and in our worship service.  


June 19 – Acts 12.  Pray that we would walk in the freedom that Christ won for us.


June 20 – Acts 13:1-25.  Continue to pray for GSBC’s Pastor Search Team that they would be led by and unified by the Holy Spirit.


June 21 – Acts 13:26-52.  Pray for persecuted Christians around the world and that our government would speak and act with clarity on the issue of religious freedom both here and abroad.


June 22 – Acts 14.  Ask God to help us speak boldly about the truth of God so that others will come to know Him.


June 23 – Acts 15.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would establish and preserve Greenwell Springs in the unity of God’s word.


June 24 – Romans 8.  Thank God that through Jesus Christ we can live free!  Pray for President Trump and his administration, as well as Governor Edwards and his administration that they would protect, preserve and promote our constitutional freedoms.


Week 4

June 25 – Romans 8.  Pray that those who have never experienced the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus as their Savior would experience that freedom today.


June 26 – Acts 16.  Ask God to help you look for opportunities to minister to others even in the midst of difficult and unfair situations.


June 27 – Acts 17. Pray that our work and our witness would have the same impact on the world around us as the early Church did in their day.


June 28 – Acts 18.  Ask God to remind us that no matter what we face He is with us and we have no reason to fear. 


June 29 – Acts 19.  Pray that God would be preparing our next pastor and his family to join and lead Greenwell Springs.


June 30 – Acts 20.  Pray for the pastors of our nation that they would be like Paul and not avoid declaring the whole counsel of God.


July 1 – Acts 21.  Pray that God would give us the courage to stand firm for the gospel regardless of what opposition we might face.


Sermon Outlines