Greenwell Springs App


Downloads for Apple and Android Phones

  1. Open App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)

  2. Search "Greenwell Springs"

  3. Download Free App

App Tutorial Video



A Few Tips:

  1. You must have a member account to use the Events, Giving, and Church Directory tabs. See "Need A Member Login" below for information on how to obtain this information.
  2. If you have signed up for a Member account on the website, that email address and password is the same that you will use for the App. 
  3. Review your profile. If it has incorrect information, please either Contact the church office or login on the Member page to update your information. The more accurate the information is, the better the App will serve you.
  4. This is a phone App; it was not created for the iPad. However, if you have an iPad, you can search under iPhone Apps and still download it to your iPad. 

Need a Member Login?

Email and we will verify your information, activate your online profile, and a temporary password will be emailed to you.