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The Alive Ministry is about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with students of every background, culture, and walk of life. It is about deepening the relationships with others in their own groups. It is about meeting students where they are and understanding that they are not alone in their faith.  it is about making a difference in the lives of individuals who, in turn, make a difference in the life of a community.  

Middle School

Our goal is to challenge the middle school students to a new and deeper understanding of Christ so that they may go into the world and demonstrate those characteristics. We will incorporate a students need for activity with the desire to learn. The Bible studies are deeply intertwined with games and activities, resulting in stronger group relationships and better applications of spiritual truths.

High School

Greenwell Springs Baptist High School Ministry is a gathering for students 9th-12th Grade designed to guide students into a relationship with Jesus and other Christians. Through worship, prayer, discipleship training, and outreach our students are being equipped to carry their faith in Jesus to the world. 

Meeting Times


9:15 am Sunday Mornings


6:15 pm Wednesday Evening

The midweek High School worship services are amazing. Our students meet in the Student Worship Center for fellowship, prayer, worship, and Bible studies. 

On Sunday mornings, our small groups meet together to fellowship, pray, and study the Word of God. Each class is led by an experienced teacher who is passionate about our students.

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